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4.5 Billion Years of Nature’s Engineering in One Disruptive Technology

Life on our planet has become strikingly fragile.

Climate change and COVID-19 have become the largest global crises threatening modern civilization.

HVAC systems are killing the environment.

They consume the largest amount of electricity in buildings, emit massive amounts of greenhouse gases and spread toxic pathogens.

Solution: Energetico’s Climate Processor®

A highly patented technology harnessing the natural balance of the earth is dramatically helping to save both energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

An Industry Gamechanger

The Energetico Climate Processor® leverages its all-in-one technology and 30-60% energy savings to revolutionize the global HVAC industry.

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Planet

Our products supplement or replace existing HVAC systems to immediately transform and heal both indoor and outdoor climates.

Eliminates airborne pathogens including COVID-19.

Human health is extraordinarily improved with the eradication of airborne viruses and reduction of greenhouse gases.

Deployed Globally

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