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What's This All About?

BluEco LCT System the proprietary Liquid-Crystalline Turbex (LCT) technology is a molecular level airflow, indoor climate management system.  This innovative processor produces the highest quality of water while at the same time efficiently managing the interior airflow, cleansing the air from particulates, and allowing for significant energy savings. Additionally, the technology eliminates an arena’s reliance on the municipal water systems to create and maintain its ice sheet.  BluEco LCT is a stand alone “plug and play” system which seamlessly integrates into venues with out the necessity of replacing existing HVAC systems, is extremely efficient and operates in all climates.

Pathway to Sustainability and Savings

Energy savings
30% - 70% reduction in energy costs

Water savings
4,800 liters/day per each BluEco Water Recycling Unit
100 liters/day per each BluEco 180

Immediate tax deductions

IRS Section 179D: Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Reduction up to $1.80 sq/ft (contingent upon annual Congressional appropriation approval)

State rebate & incentives

Department of Energy

BluEco LCT Installation at STAPLES Center

Minimized the water consumption in the arena:

Reduced power consumption:

Improved the indoor air quality:

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